INKTOBER 2019 - Krzysztof Gryzka

News / 03 October 2019

INKTOBER 2019. Once again I'm taking the challenge. The Dawn will come on 1th November.

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Work In Progress / 24 September 2019

Hi folks! It's time to finish my works on hair and skin. I'm going to start texturing and shading other parts but at least let's look at one closeup. You must be aware that I sculpted whole skin and scales from custom alphas that I created based on micropores sculpts. Today it's good to use comercial XYZ Textures which gives you amazing results. 

Different Lighting Conditions



Work In Progress / 08 September 2019

Hello friends! It's time to show you my shader for hoar hairs. How it works? 

SHADER. I used two different states (colors) for my hair and pluged their into switch. The switch is controlled by ID hair attribute parametr from Yeti. IDUserData reading Yeti attribute and it is controlled in aiRange using custom map painted in MARI. Interesting point is melanine. I added a little melanine in shader to have more natural effect and it's masked by second switch because I don't need blonde hairs on my white hairs. 

What now? I rendered it on my workstation until 13 min. per frame and I'm going to make turntable to check if it looks correctly in every side. On next steps I need to render whole parts: skin, eyes, hairs in different lighting conditions and back to texturing clothes of my character. 

Test render on mid settings of Arnold in 13 min. 

This is raw color for my hairs. 

This one is with melanine mask and using aiStandardHair


HAIR ID color

Work In Progress / 28 August 2019

Hi people! I'd like to show you my last experiments with ID shading from Yeti. I have an ID from Yeti using cvoronoi(id) function on attribute parametr. 

You can see below Hypershade for my color hairs. I mixed two colors of hairs using switch controlled by "long" attribute  (ID hairs map from Yeti) and aiRange. 


Work In Progress / 24 August 2019

Good evening. I'm continuing my training with hair styling/grooming and today I'd like show some renders on simple diffuse shading. I learned a lot but still need to training shading hairs.  





These are nodes for main hairstyle. As you can see there are a few different elements combined into one hairstyle.

  I used MARI for painting density maps for my grooming. 



Work In Progress / 12 August 2019

Hi! I'm studying fur system for Maya/Arnold. Today I'd like to show cat's fur that I created on Yeti. 

I had good time with shading fur on nodes. 


Work In Progress / 07 August 2019

Hi people! Today I'm really excited to show you my last experiments with texturing and shading. I spent a lot of time trying to understand Maya/Arnold. During these practices I much enjoyed working with Substance Painter (I had a long break with using it) and of course with MARI. MARI is amazing sowftware which allow you paint very different maps on complex geometry. Recently I started studying hair systems and grooming on several plugins and hope to show you some results in near time on same character. 







Work In Progress / 01 August 2019

Hi folks! Last few days I spend intensively studying SSS shading on Maya / Arnold. I used available models and textures from The Wikihuman Project to practice. I am surprised by the huge crashing of Autodesk Maya software. I don't know how big studios deal with such an emergency in huge productions.

links for used resources:

The Wikihuman Project


Work In Progress / 28 July 2019

 I learned the render displacement maps on Maya / Arnold. It was a good opportunity to practice various lighting setups.


Work In Progress / 23 July 2019

On pictures you can see how I was building skin for characters before born Texturingxyz. In such a way of separating different types of detail from each other gives great benefits at the lookdev stage. For example, it can be mixed and enhanced according to needs. Shaders SSS doing sometimes too smooth shading and it is possible to increase specific detail in the sculpt to have much sharp detail in rendering. This time I decided to try demo version of ZWrap. I was suprised how much time I could save. Great tool.