Harry is back

Work In Progress / 03 July 2019

Hi folks! I't has been a long time! I decided to finish my very old project titled "Harry". A few years ago I started developing it and I didn't finished. It's time to retopologize whole character to have it "ready for production". If you wonder how it looks, follow me! I'll drop daily some images from finished retopologized models.  

Krzysztof Gryzka - Exhibition

News / 25 April 2019

WARSAW TATTOO DAYS 2019. I would like to invite you to my first micro exhibition which will take place at Warsaw Tattoo Days 2019 convention on 27-28.04. Many thanks for organizers for inviting me. You'll see some of my own work and commercial on prints B1. You can catch me there and talk about digital art, movies, tattoos, motorcycles. I don't know many people in Warsaw so it's nice to meet people. See you soon! 

Jon and Gwel

General / 14 April 2019

JON AND GWEL. These are main characters for "Szninkiel" comic book. Sculptures were done for private commision to 3d print. 

SculptJanuary2019 on Sketchfab

General / 27 March 2019

A collection of my sculptures made for the contest SculptJanuary2019 has been published on sketchfab. I invite you to visit this virtual gallery in which you can watch models in 3 D space.
Full gallery on Sketchfab

ZBrush to Keyshot Exclusive Content - Skeksis

News / 13 March 2019

Hello! This is a test render of my project based on the characters from the movie "Dark Crystal" from 80's. To perform it I used the background and clay delivered by Pixologic with the ZBrush to Keyshot Bridge. 


ZBrush 2019 - Non Photorealistic Rendeirng

News / 08 March 2019
ZBrush 2019 - NPR. Hi folks! . I'd like to show you my last experimetns with Non Photorealistic Rendering. This is very powerful and flexible tool released witch ZBrush 2019. http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?210540-Krzysztof-Gryzka-sketchbook&p=1248866#post1248866

Body: Extreme Expression

General / 02 February 2019

This is my last sculpture during "SculptJanurary2019" contest. Thank you people for your patience, constructive critique and inspiration. 

Instagram sculpting process

Mood: Pride

General / 01 February 2019

You know who is he :) Aldo Raine real nazi hunter. I love this character, he doing very good job :)

Instagram sculpting process

Beast: Harpy

General / 30 January 2019

I haven't slept since yesterday. Such a thing is called either deadline or determination. This month is almost over and I am very disciplined. Can't wait for the next months. It will be something fascinating. I'll let you know in future. 

Instagram sculpting process




Motion: Smooth

General / 29 January 2019

Hands are probably the most complicated due to the amount of joints and complicated shape. Whenever I sit down and try to create a model of credible looking hand, I feel disaffection. Proportions, joints, skin tension, tendons. In these studies you can really get lost for many years.

Instagram sculpting process